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Debut album 'Lost \u0026 Found' featuring 'Blue Lights', 'The One', 'Where Did I Go?' \u0026 'Don't Watch Me Cry' available now. Listen / Buy:

Jorja Smith, the incredible R\u0026B artist, talks growing up being mixed-race, the role models that gave her self-belief and more in this highly personal 'Becoming Jorja Smith' film.

Producer: Harri Kamalanathan, Lemonade Money
Director: Shaun James Grant

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Listen to the single 'Where Did I Go?' or album 'Lost \u0026 Found':

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  1. Pecáshión Mills
    Pecáshión Mills
    Il y a mois

    Gummm gummmm, I'm your lost soul 6/11

  2. VK Y
    VK Y
    Il y a mois

    UK accent cool but damn hard to understand at times

    Il y a 2 mois

    You are beautiful

  4. MartinRayn Kelly
    MartinRayn Kelly
    Il y a 2 mois

    I feel this interview. It's hard to know who you are when your the minority and not surrounded by the people and cukture who look like you. It's good to know she is now comfortable with herself and her appearance. Having a good strong family has alot to do with this. She is a Beautiful Daughter of Zion. Alot of uour people still haven't really identified who we truly are that takes very deep knowledge and understanding and research. Skin color and Country National identity doesnt determine bloodline or descedantry.

  5. LaZ Zy
    LaZ Zy
    Il y a 5 mois

    god is a woman and this woman is jorja

  6. safouen Bargaoui
    safouen Bargaoui
    Il y a 6 mois

    I love you Jorja, like I never loved a person or an artist/singer, you are a beautiful human being and you make me love who I am too

  7. Lady Vargas
    Lady Vargas
    Il y a 7 mois

    My confidence after this video!!!

  8. Funky Sound
    Funky Sound
    Il y a 8 mois

    One of the funniest people I know, even when she's trolling and being annoying she makes me laugh😂😂😂

  9. Grace Bingham
    Grace Bingham
    Il y a 10 mois

    She is my favourite person in the whole world I love her so so much

  10. Michael E. Beard
    Michael E. Beard
    Il y a 11 mois

    She's talented and beautiful no doubt.

  11. Prismatic Coral
    Prismatic Coral
    Il y a 11 mois

    you look like you for a reason.!!

  12. 10666
    Il y a an

    U are a seriously beautiful soul

  13. Torris Ali
    Torris Ali
    Il y a an

    Be around people who worship blonde white woman or find people who appreciates some flava.

  14. Yuh Gorls
    Yuh Gorls
    Il y a an

    In my opinion, I feel like people need to understand that being mixed/biracial is being both. Like you're black but you're also white. mixed is not a race, it means being two races. You cannot put someone who is indian and Chinese in the same category as someone who is black and white because they are both different. Both mixed but both completely different. She's a black woman. But she's also a white woman.

  15. Scheherazadè
    Il y a an

    i really love the way this video was done.

  16. Eva-Jean Powell
    Eva-Jean Powell
    Il y a an

    This inspired me so much thank you x

  17. GEE GEE
    Il y a an

    My ex was mixed and I regret hurting her!! She was my world and I was a fucken whore!!! I need her back!! And she knows it!! I tell her all the time !! That was 6 years ago and until this day she tells me no!

  18. Markee Marshall
    Markee Marshall
    Il y a an

    I'm gonna meet you too one day

  19. Shamark Francis
    Shamark Francis
    Il y a an

    Being different is so hard to a point where you wish you were like everyone else.

  20. Sramz 23
    Sramz 23
    Il y a an

    Why is there a perception that being slim is attractive... I like me some thick thighs!

  21. Nay X
    Nay X
    Il y a an

    I just want you to know, jorja, you are beautiful~

  22. Denise Ang
    Denise Ang
    Il y a an


  23. Lloyd Francis
    Lloyd Francis
    Il y a an

    If she grew up in London she would have more comfortable in her half Jamaican skin because England especially outside of London can be difficult for minorities, she so beautiful!! Imagine

    1. Suzi Yard
      Suzi Yard
      Il y a 26 jours

      Difficult? It’s horrific so much racism outside the big cities hope it chamges

  24. Michelle Mermaid
    Michelle Mermaid
    Il y a an

    That face is a creation- your naturally beautiful

  25. Giovanna Lyssa
    Giovanna Lyssa
    Il y a an

    Gente ela não tem defeitos ??

  26. Kylo Dre.
    Kylo Dre.
    Il y a an

    Growing up I also wanted to be white because white was what the world said we should all strive towards. It took me long years and hard lessons to shake the idea that I was in no way lesser than anyone else because of my skin colour and that I was in fact blessed to be who I am. I love Jorja for her Real. Thank you.

  27. Shyleen
    Il y a an

    i share a birthday with her

  28. Traronda Hicks
    Traronda Hicks
    Il y a an

    Love Jorja and been listening to her since Project 11. But all the beautiful girls say "everyone is beautiful"

    Il y a an

    this woman so fine, which reveals everybody deal with some level of insecurity

    Il y a an

    i can look and listen to this woman all day

  31. nantucket20
    Il y a an

    I cn relate jorja..

  32. A_BruhMan
    Il y a an

    😩 marry me

  33. StrawberryJPEG
    Il y a an

    I’m mixed race too, so I know how she feels

  34. StrawberryJPEG
    Il y a an


  35. Mavi Dumard
    Mavi Dumard
    Il y a an

    This girls is perfect♥️ she looks Pretty anyway. And this Voice? I love it♥️

  36. idun verstraete
    idun verstraete
    Il y a 2 ans

    i loved it from the gemini part till the end please i luv her

  37. Ignacio Ross
    Ignacio Ross
    Il y a 2 ans

    Maravillosa en todos los sentidos ...

  38. K Skerritt
    K Skerritt
    Il y a 2 ans

    i stan this woman to the moon and back

  39. yellow_groove
    Il y a 2 ans

    Jorja Smith > Billie Eilish

    1. Alper896
      Il y a 4 mois

      two completely different artists

    2. Funky Sound
      Funky Sound
      Il y a 8 mois

      The latter is overrated AF! Her PR machine must be on steroid lol

    3. elijahcozart999
      Il y a 11 mois

      Good take

  40. Lia
    Il y a 2 ans

    Whenever I feel sad about myself and hate myself, I watch this and it helps me so much and helps me think so much more positively about myself

    1. sandras voodoodoll
      sandras voodoodoll
      Il y a 10 mois

      Bro,I’m here...after looking at the stars as a lost soul in my bed 💀

  41. Imena Johnson
    Imena Johnson
    Il y a 2 ans

    I love everything about this! Jorja's energy is radiant

  42. Jay-Pee Phillips
    Jay-Pee Phillips
    Il y a 2 ans

    Honestly one of the most naturally beautiful women I've ever seen. Why do women in general subscribe to pessimistic thoughts about themselves? I honestly don't know why.

  43. Nyisha Martin
    Nyisha Martin
    Il y a 2 ans

    She said mixed race is a race lmao

    1. Yuh Gorls
      Yuh Gorls
      Il y a an

      @Mila A it really isn't tho. You can't put someone who is Chinese and Indian in the same category as someone who is black and white. being mixed means being two races not being a whole nother race. Lol she's still black. She's also white tho. Shes both.

  44. Sarah Letchford
    Sarah Letchford
    Il y a 2 ans

    I idolise her so much

  45. Sarah Letchford
    Sarah Letchford
    Il y a 2 ans

    She's a queen i love her

  46. Liz b
    Liz b
    Il y a 2 ans

    She should wear her natural hair more she’s beautiful

  47. Joelle Wilson
    Joelle Wilson
    Il y a 2 ans

    love those shoes

  48. Rock
    Il y a 2 ans

    2:28-2:34 She was a victim of brainwashing because she wanted to fit in like everybody else. She's no longer brainwashed now, she realized that wanting to be like everyone else is boring. Good thing she broke out of that brainwashing sickness. Some whites would kill for her full lips and naturally tanned skin.

  49. Rock
    Il y a 2 ans

    She does look black. She can pass for a light skinned black and for mixed race. Many light skinned blacks look like her. Beautiful and smart girl.

  50. Rock
    Il y a 2 ans

    1:06 Diana Ross album she touching, can't stand Diana Ross.

  51. Finesse Image
    Finesse Image
    Il y a 2 ans

    from when you said you are a Gemini I was like MY G, cmon!😌

  52. Marvin Marshall
    Marvin Marshall
    Il y a 2 ans

    We are beautiful$!!!!! (Caucasian Mother/ African Descent Father) You are hands down the most gorgeous performer I've seen in FOREVER. Please make your way to Illinois soon so I can snatch that VIP ticket. Much Love. 1.

  53. SpaceKee Beats
    SpaceKee Beats
    Il y a 2 ans

    Can’t wait till she comes to Chicago ... ima cry in the crowd , music reflects my soul as of now

  54. Klara Johnson
    Klara Johnson
    Il y a 2 ans

    Jorja is just such a role model

  55. Sally Stanford
    Sally Stanford
    Il y a 2 ans

    Dennis Lloyd mentioned you in an interview. I am so impressed! I would love to see you and Dennis do some music together!

  56. Yonela Metuse
    Yonela Metuse
    Il y a 2 ans

    I love you Jorja😥❤️ (I hope she sees this)

  57. De La Com
    De La Com
    Il y a 2 ans

    Hey Jorja... ♥♥♥

  58. Sarah Letchford
    Sarah Letchford
    Il y a 2 ans

    wow Jorja smith is honestly a queen i love reading the comments because most of them are all sweet comments i cant imagine my life without her music

  59. 三桝範康
    Il y a 2 ans

    本心は優しいABbloodtype元気女子💪力,,,oh、、love You

  60. ksam
    Il y a 2 ans

    You look like such a grown woman- like in your 30's but your voice sounds like a little girls.

  61. L L •
    L L •
    Il y a 2 ans

    Omg beautiful Afro

  62. Leonard Thomas
    Leonard Thomas
    Il y a 2 ans


  63. RandomPersonette
    Il y a 2 ans

    That was beautifully shot.

  64. Julia Belikova
    Julia Belikova
    Il y a 2 ans

    i love you so much

  65. Walu John Singogo
    Walu John Singogo
    Il y a 2 ans


  66. Queen Zey
    Queen Zey
    Il y a 2 ans

    I'm glad she's comfortable in her own skin. I can't imagine why she'd avoid mirrors though cause she's so cool and beautiful on the inside and outside.

  67. S 1
    S 1
    Il y a 2 ans

    I saw her perform live last night and she is so amazing, the best voice I’ve heard live❤️❤️

  68. Destiny Johnson
    Destiny Johnson
    Il y a 2 ans

    I love her so much

  69. UnBjörkxing
    Il y a 2 ans

    I watched your concert in Paris this year and my god, what a bless! Your're more incredible than I thought on stage! Hope watch u again here in Brasil someday!

  70. Valdemar Hoffmann
    Valdemar Hoffmann
    Il y a 2 ans

    Nobody cares

  71. CallMeSenpaii_
    Il y a 2 ans

    She wanted to look white when she was younger, but oof, look at her now. I hope she’s more confident in herself bc she is very beautiful and she’s very strong.

  72. hasaandoo
    Il y a 2 ans

    Doing the Brummies proud

  73. P Świerczyński
    P Świerczyński
    Il y a 2 ans


  74. Jade Nelson
    Jade Nelson
    Il y a 2 ans

    Legend ❤️

  75. Suga Kookies
    Suga Kookies
    Il y a 2 ans

    0:15 lowkey sounds like the beginning of Reflection by our Namjoon💞💞😂😂

  76. BangtanGirl
    Il y a 2 ans

    "just be you" ❤

  77. Bailey Sanderson
    Bailey Sanderson
    Il y a 2 ans

    I kinda love her, shes so awkward and human and her voice just makes me wanna sleep

  78. Laura F
    Laura F
    Il y a 2 ans

    This makes me think about Mahalia's song 17

  79. Camila Alvarez
    Camila Alvarez
    Il y a 2 ans

    Más linda que el cielo 😻

  80. Neda Isa
    Neda Isa
    Il y a 2 ans

    Agrees to being seen as just black or mixed race but she "definitely not white" LMFAO

  81. dxrari
    Il y a 2 ans

    i love you

  82. Henry Emejuru
    Henry Emejuru
    Il y a 2 ans

    I love you

  83. Fressivoir
    Il y a 2 ans

    Sounds like Megan feom Love island

  84. birutation
    Il y a 2 ans

    This name is JoJo

  85. Tiana Quattro
    Tiana Quattro
    Il y a 2 ans

    Fuck that last part was so warm and helpful and inspiring

  86. Nigel Uchiha
    Nigel Uchiha
    Il y a 2 ans

    I'm not really into light skin girls but she's is beautiful.

    1. Mona Mona
      Mona Mona
      Il y a 2 ans

      @mitchell dk keep lying to yourself. Everyone has their own personal preference. Have no right to dictate to another man his. Grow the fuck up. Light skin is desirable because of RACISM you dumb fuck. That's not something you should be proud of you bitch.

  87. abottleofRUMtv
    Il y a 2 ans

    wow 😍

  88. Blessing Ashanti
    Blessing Ashanti
    Il y a 2 ans


  89. Falando Coisas
    Falando Coisas
    Il y a 2 ans

    Brasil! Tive que traduzir (tentei meu melhor) pra uma amiga esse vídeo porque com o sotaque da Jorja fica difícil de entender, deixo aqui pra ajudar alguém, talvez =) "Todo mundo me chama de Jorja Smith, é tão estranho. Porque não é só meu nome artístico, é meu nome de verdade. Imagina todo mundo me chamando pelo nome completo. É maluco! “Aquela é a Jorja Smith! Ah, não pode ser!” Meu álbum “Lost & Found”, eu acho que é uma boa introdução à mim. Porque eu sou de Gêmeos, e eu sou muuuito Gêmeos, é como se eu fosse duas pessoas diferentes. Escutando alguma música, às vezes eu sou certeira e precisa, e em outras músicas é tudo meio confuso, eu ainda estou entendendo o que está acontecendo, ainda estou crescendo. Então eu penso: achados e perdidos (nome do álbum). Minha mãe é branca, meu pai é negro. Meu pai sempre disse que pra todo o resto do mundo, eu sou negra. Pro Ocidente, você é negra. Você aparenta ser negra. Algumas pessoas escutam meu som e dizem que não sôo negra, mas eu definitivamente não sou branca. Biracial (mixed) é uma raça. É diferente. Na escola eu nunca olhava no espelho, nunca. Minhas amigas iam no banheiro, fazer a maquiagem, eu ia no canto e lavava as mãos pra não olhar pro meu rosto. Eu não queria meus lábios. Minhas amigas eram meninas brancas, magras, cabelos longos… E elas honestamente pareciam assim. Mas eu não. Crescendo eu não acho que tive um modelo de alguém em que pudesse me espelhar. Quando eu me mudei pra Londres, conheci minha amiga Arryn, que é biracial também e ela sempre foi muito confortável na própria pele. Ela sempre ficava “negritude pra cá e pra lá, negritude é tudo” e foi aí que eu fiquei mais confortável comigo mesma, conhecendo garotas que amam seu cabelo e amam a sua cultura, e então que eu pensei “ah, estou realmente descobrindo quem eu sou”. Quando eu olho no espelho, realmente eu só vejo, eu - Jorja. Jorja feliz, Jorja triste. É isso. Eu queria ser igual a todo mundo. E agora eu não quero, porque isso é entediante. É difícil porque você está rodeada de várias coisas que podem pensar que você é diferente, ou “porque eu não me pareço daquele jeito?” ou “ela/ele é melhor do que eu”… É muito subjetivo. Todo mundo é bonito. Você parece com você por um motivo, e você é você, você não pode se parecer com outra pessoa, não faz sentido se comparar com o outro. A sua beleza não é a minha beleza. Você tem que entender que é você por um motivo e que isso é ótimo. Apenas seja você."

  90. musani nlebesi
    musani nlebesi
    Il y a 2 ans

    Absolute Goddess

  91. Gordon Rae
    Gordon Rae
    Il y a 2 ans

    Nuff Luv Jorja =) 1Love

  92. matteo franklin
    matteo franklin
    Il y a 2 ans

    She is SO beautiful from the in and outside. One might say nothing is perfect, but she damn near is perfection. WCE

  93. Martin Coutiño
    Martin Coutiño
    Il y a 2 ans


  94. Joe Jordan #23!
    Joe Jordan #23!
    Il y a 2 ans

    Ooh she thick

  95. Levitate
    Il y a 2 ans

    no disrespect but she got ass!!

    1. Flawless lawless
      Flawless lawless
      Il y a 2 ans

      It’s that black in her

  96. Roselle Torres
    Roselle Torres
    Il y a 2 ans

    I love you

  97. Broccoli
    Il y a 2 ans

    Growing up without any black/mixed people around me really hindered the development my personality and self confident. It wasn't until after high school, when I finally met some other mixed/black ppl that I came into who I really am. It is so important to be able to see yourself in the people around you, I can't stress it enough

  98. Acidic petals
    Acidic petals
    Il y a 2 ans


  99. NemzEnrico
    Il y a 2 ans

    She’s so beautiful

  100. nataliic
    Il y a 2 ans

    Her voice is so beautiful!!!!!